Vision II

Everyone knows you’re supposed to have a “vision statement,” but so many companies and organizations write visions that are really missions. “We seek to become the world’s great widget-maker and lead the market toward wealth and well-being.” Or, something like that. This is a mission statement in the future tense with a dash of wishful thinking thrown in for good measure. It’s not a true vision statement. Continue reading “Vision II”


Business, like life, is the sum total of decisions made by its leaders, its brain, its heart. I’m convinced that the quality of any business or organizational decision will be enhanced if the decision-makers have already answered and are committed to being guided by the answers to only three fundamental questions: who are we?; who do we serve?; and how will we know when we’re successful? In the answers to these questions is the wisdom of the enterprise. More to come….

Social Responsibility

Yes, we are all responsible, in one way or another, for the state of our society. It’s easy to see that when a business has an intentional social responsibility program, customer good will follows. And more than that, employees experience greater pride in their employment and a way to express their own social impulses. Actively caring about your community is just good business and good stewardship. Check out SocialVibe and consider the possiblities as an activist or sponsor.