The Worldwide Web

In 1994, leading a software and book publishing business serving the higher ed market, I got an email from a university professor in Perth, Australia.

“How dare you publicize a USD 99 price for your product on your web page, when the only way I can buy it is to pay USD 250 to your Australian distributor.”

In that instant, I was struck with the power of the new Worldwide Web. I’d been selling software and books through distributors around the world for about 10 years. But now, it was brilliantly clear, the “veil of secrecy” that had always existed around software pricing was torn and gone forever. A whole new way would have to be invented to manage international sales. Now, a single source operating from anywhere could conceivably serve the global market. Awesome!

I set up an online store as soon as I could. In fact, I was Netscape’s first customer for their first e-commerce product, iStore. This required being tethered to an engineer to install and maintain the system on our server, while I labored to find a bank that would agree to serve our online credit card processing needs. They were very cautious and there was no PayPal.

I have been developing web-based business systems – websites, web stores, and now, blogs – ever since.  There has been no end of new tools and concepts to understand and exploit. Today, it’s social networking and text-to-give. What a great ride this is.

I can help your business or organization make better use of the Web – strategically and tactically. Can we talk?

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