In the software business, development is software engineering. In the nonprofit world, it’s fundraising. In real estate…well, it’s somthing else.

Then there’s “business development.” New business generation. Closing partnership deals. This is my concern as a consultant.

How will you know when you have enough new customers or partners to keep growing? “Partner” is a word thrown around too loosely, if you ask me. You attend a conference, or trade show, or dinner. You get to talking with someone, and you both conclude your companies or organizations should partner. There’s “synergy”; the two of you together is greater than the sum of the parts. Now what?

Unless each will add real value to the other, then exactly nothing will happen. Or worse, you’ll chase each other’s tails until the partnership idea peters out gradually, or your dreams implode because frustrations get too high.

True value. From both sides, to both sides. That’s what makes a real partnership. I can you help build strong, productive, long-term partnerships.

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